Panoramic Photos of Various Walt Disney World Resorts, Parks, and Attractions
2010 by Frank H Phillips, Birmingham, AL; All Rights Reserved
This page contains 27 large photos, so it may load slowly in your browser...

Technical Stuff: each of these photos is 1400 pixels wide, so they may fill up your screen, requiring you to scroll right in order to see the entire photo.  I used a Sony TX7 camera to shoot these because it has a "sweep" function that allows you to drag the camera across the frame, creating a roughly 180+ degree field of view in one single motion.  Therefore, when you view the photos below, think of them as looking over your left shoulder on the left edge, and then looking over your right shoulder on the right edge.

Below is a shot from the balcony of our 1 BR villa at Bay Lake Tower.  Although difficult to see in this photo, from this perspective you can see large landmarks in various parks, such as Spaceship Earth in EPCOT, Mickey's hat at Hollywood Studios, plus the mountain at Expedition Everest and the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.  At the right side of the frame is obviously the back side of the Contemporary Resort.  If you are going to stay at Bay Lake Tower, I highly recommend this view - when you check in, ask for a high floor in the south wing with an even numbered room number.

The photo below is the queue for Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios.

Below is the pool at Bay Lake Tower.  At the far left is the water slide.

This is a view from the Top of the World Lounge at the top of Bay Lake Tower.  This photo can trick you because it's probably about 230 degrees wide.  The concrete railing on the left and right side actually curve back around the building, so this is an extremely wide view - kind of like turning your head hard over your left shoulder and then panning hard right over your right shoulder.  You can clearly see Space Mountain and if you look hard you can see Cinderella Castle.

Below is an interior view of the Top of the World Lounge at the top of Bay Lake Tower.  I shot this at 5:00 PM (opening time) in order to get lots of natural light.  The only things NOT shown in this photo are the handful of tables where I am standing (below the frame) and the beautiful chandelier above the frame.  The doors on the left lead to the "special" elevator you use to get up there.  Also, note the Monorail backdrop behind the bar...they can raise and lower this backdrop.  Finally, about one-third into the frame, from the left, is the so-called "VIP Lounge", even though it's first-come-first-served.  I guess if you get there first, you're a "very impatient person"....ha ha.

The queue for It's a Small World

Holland, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland inside It's a Small World

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The main street in Frontierland.  Notice Goofy and Donald giving autographs on the left edge.

Inside the queue for Buzz Lightyear.

The "Pooh" area in Fantasyland.  You can see the carousel and the top of Dumbo on the right edge.

Goofy's Barnstormer from the queue.

This is the "dusk" view from our 1BR villa at Bay Lake Tower.

Tomorrowland from the perspective of the Carousel of Progress.

Main Street from the balcony of the train station.

"Rope Drop" at EPCOT.  Here are the bazillion people that I will be herded with into The Land pavilion so that I can wait for half an hour just to get a fastpass for Soarin'.

Inside of The Land pavilion below.  Notice that the restaurants are not yet open because it's first thing in the morning.  Also notice two long lines.  The "shorter" one that ends at the bottom of the escalator under the Soarin' sign is to get a fastpass.  The long one that stretches all the way across the entire photo is the "regular" line to ride Soarin'.  If you've ever walked the million mile catacomb queue for Soarin' you will know that this is a VERY long line.

Below is the single rider queue for Test Track.

Here's a general area in Futureworld at EPCOT.  Notice the "golf ball" as my family likes to call Spaceship Earth, in the background.

Obviously it was a gloomy day at EPCOT.  This is World Showcase.

It was the Flower and Garden Festival when we were there.  They did a really nice job on the flowers.

This is the main dining room at the California Grill atop the Contemporary.  You can see the Castle lit up in purple on the left side of the frame.  Interestingly, as I was shooting this, a couple were getting engaged over dinner at a table by the window about one-third through the frame on the left, just on the other side of the wood pillar.  He had a plate made up that said "Will You Marry Me" in plate decorating drizzle and had it brought to the table.  Pretty cool.

Waiting on Pinocchio at town square.  You can see the line at the left side where we were waiting for Pinocchio to come back from taking a break.

Splash Mountain.  The line on the left side of the frame is the line waiting to see Woody and Jessie.

Frontierland, looking at Pecos Bill's restaurant.

Sunrise on Bay Lake.  Once again, yet another view from the balcony of our 1BR villa at Bay Lake Tower, but this time early in the morning.

Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower from the Contemporary Dock.

All Photos 2010 by Frank H Phillips, All rights reserved.