My "2nd String" Gallery
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All photos done with Canon D60/10D, Canon MP-E macro lens, and Canon MT-24EX flash

Hoppers of all Kinds
"Gray Hopper" "Master of Disguise" "Roughneck" "Ghost Eyes" "Razorback Red"
"Strung-Out Bug" "The Shell Game" "Hoppin' Mad" "Peachy Green" Put "Beautiful Bugs" on your PDA!
"After the Rain" "Puppy" "Bring on the Night"
Arachnids (Spiders and Harvestmen)
"Eyes in the Back of His Head" "Riding a Green Blade" "Walking Conch" "Peekaboo" "Poised"
"Arachnid in the Red" "Hanging by a Thread" "Waiting" "Afternoon Snack" "Back in Black"
"Hanging Around" "Gripping the Green" "In Suspense" "Leopard"
Beetles (not the Fab Four) 
"Lady Looking Down" "Chewing the Blue" "A Face at 4x" Put "Beautiful Bugs" on your PDA!
"Over the Shoulder" "The Face of a Firefly" "What's Under the Hood?"
Untitled Untitled
"True" Bugs (the bugs that don't fit other categories) 
"Follow Your Nose" "You Can Hide, But You Can't Run" "Bark Bug" "Baby Assassin" Put "Beautiful Bugs" on your PDA!
"Anyone for Squash?" "Green with Envy" "Assassination Attempt" "Aphids at 5x"
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Flies (Dragonflies, Butterflies, Damselflies, and "nasty" Flies) 
"Hanging Around the Dew Drop Inn" "Hairy Scary" "Leg Lifts" "Got to Catch the Redeye" "Lunchtime"
"Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue" "Purple Passion" "Looking Up" "Pssssst!" "Cranefly Eyes at 5x"
Ants and Bees
"Flying Fur" "A Face Only A Mother Could Love" "Passion for Pollen" "Rage in a Lily" Untitled
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Miscellaneous (Not sure what this is, but "barklice" has been suggested) 
"Coming Out of His Shell" Untitled

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