My "All Star" Gallery - the best of my work
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All photos done with Canon D60/10D/20D, Canon MP-E macro lens, and Canon MT-24EX or MR-14EX  flash
Photos that are "new for 2005" are outlined in blue.

"A Difficult Choice" "Coat of Many Colors" "Goodbye Eyes" "Goblin on the Green" "Bifocal Bug"
"The Thinker" "Pretty on Pink" "Don't Get Your Back Up" "The First Lady of Spring"
"Side Light Sun Bug" "Bird on a Wire" "Stop Staring at Me" "Nyah-Nyah!" "Underside"
"At the Well of Nectar" "Green Glare" "Nature's False Teeth" "King of Sting"
"Portrait of a Lady......bug" "One for the Road" "Ready for Takeoff" "Hands On" "Bed of Nails"
"All the Better to See You With..." "The Staring Contest"
"Hello, Lunch!" "Two-Faced" Put "Beautiful Bugs" on your PDA!

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